Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Uncooled Vox
HDMI Format
Horizontal Resolution
Autofocus Lens
CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS, ISO9001: 2000
Waterproof / Weatherproof
Effective Distance
Sensor Size
1/3 inch
Remote Control
With Remote Control
Detection Distance
Transport Package
Export Standard
HS Code
Production Capacity
2000 PCS / Month

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
50.00cm * 50.00cm * 50.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description


Product Description

      Ship Mounted Multi-sensor Camera

Ship mounted multi-sensor Camera integrates HD visible light camera, uncooled thermal camera, laser ranging finder, automatic tracking, gyro stabilization, intelligent analysis and precise electronic control. It is designed for ship/shipboard video acquisition and sea surface warning, key target warning, radar linkage and other applications designed long-distance detection system, which can adapt to all-weather,all-time, full-dimensional discovery, positioning, tracking, identification and tracking of the target function, the smallest distance to small ships and islands can be up to 8 km.
Quality design, the shell is made of super strong aluminum alloy material, spherical low wind resistance design, strong wind resistance, low agitation. Adopting internal and external double-layer "three-proof" technology and vacuum nitrogen-filled sealing technology, the protection grade of the whole machine reaches IP66, and the special salt-spray protection design, the protection grade reaches C5-M level, which effectively ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment in the harsh ring mirror of the sea.

Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera
Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera
Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera
Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera
Product Parameters


Model HP-ZS20 Ship mounted multi-sensor Camera
Rotation range
1. Pan: N × 360 ° continuous rotation
2. Tilt: -45 ° ~ + 90 °
3. Limit: The pitch has a soft limit function, the program can be set
Spinning speed
1. Horizontal speed: 0.1 ° ~ 80 ° / s
2. Pitching speed: 0.1 ° ~ 80 ° / s
3. Acceleration: horizontal 120 ° / s2, pitch 120 ° / s2
4. Drive mode: direct drive with vigorous torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, high-speed start-stop, smooth tracking with radar linkage
Positioning accuracy Positioning accuracy: up to 0.02 °, high-frequency fine-tuning pulse precision motor drive, digital angle sensor servo
Turntable zero position Zero setting: support the setting of pan and pitch zero
Stability accuracy 2mrad (RMS), two-axis gyro stable
Cruise scan Cruise scan
Data return
1. Lens servo: support lens field of view, magnification, ZOOM / FOCUS value query, return, positioning function
2. Turntable angle: support real-time / query return and positioning functions of horizontal and pitch angles
Tracking mode
1. Support manual control tracking
2. Support radar linkage automatic tracking
3. Support front-end module automatic tracking (optional)
4. Support automatic tracking of back-end software
1. Motor protection: turntable blocking protection, high reliability
2. Fault detection: support power-on self-check, status query and fault code feedback
3. Upgrade and maintenance: remote restart, remote upgrade function, convenient system maintenance
Electrical Interface
1. Network interface: 1 channel 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port (including thermal image + high-definition visible light +RS422 / 485 control)
2. Power source: 1 way DC24V
3. Physical interface: -grade aviation waterproof plug, protection grade IP67
1. Network protocol: support TCP / IP, UDP, IPv4 / v6, HTTP, RTP, RTSP; support Onvif, GB28181 network video protocol
2. PTZ control protocol: Pelco-D industry standard and other multi-protocols, baud rate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 optional,customizable private protocol
Environmental index
1. Working temperature: -25 ºC ~ + 60 ºC
2. Storage temperature: -30 ºC ~ + 70 ºC
3. Humidity: <95% RH
4. Anti-lightning surge: power supply 4000V, communication video signal 2000V
5. Anti-salt spray: PH value 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours, can still work normally
6. Vibration resistance: meets GJB150A.16 shipboard environmental requirements
7. Protection level: IP67
Machine power supply 1. Power supply: equipped with ultra-wide input power adapter, AC90V ~ 305V to DC24V
2. Power consumption: The maximum power consumption of the turntable ≤250W, the stable power consumption ≤50W
Volume and weight 1. Dimension:Ф280mm×430mm
2. Weight:≤18kg
Visible Camera 1. Detector: 1/3 "low illumination CMOS
2. Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (2 million pixels)
3. Illumination: color 0.002 Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON), black and white 0.0002Lux @ (F1.2, AGC ON)
4. Lens focal length: 8 ~ 256mm continuous zoom
5. Action distance: Under the conditions of atmospheric visibility greater than 10km, air humidity less than 50%, and background
imperviousness, the action distance to small ships or islands and reefs can reach 8km.
6. Lens control: electric zoom, manual / auto focus
7. Interface and video format: IP network output, H.265 / H.264
Cooled Thermal Camera(Optional) 1. Detector: Cooled Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) infrared focal plane
2. Spectral range: 3μm ~ 5μm
3. Resolution: 640 × 512
4. Pixel size: 15μm
5. Temperature sensitivity (NETD): better than 15mk (@ F4.0, 25 oC)
6. Lens focal length: 30 ~ 300mm continuous zoom
7. Action distance: when the atmospheric visibility is greater than 10km, the air humidity is less than 50%, and the target and
background temperature difference is greater than 5K, the action distance to small ships or islands and reefs can reach 8km.
8. Focusing mode: manual / automatic focusing (automatic focusing supports zoom trigger, lens temperature trigger, scene detection
9. Electronic zoom: 2X, 4X, support global synchronous display
10. Polarity: hot white, hot black and 16 kinds of false colors, support multi-configuration scene mode
11. Correction: automatic / manual / background correction
12. Image adjustment: brightness, contrast, AGC automatic control
13. Image enhancement: SDE digital detail enhancement function
14. Strong heat source protection: support
15. Starting time: ≤7min (under normal temperature)
Uncooled Thermal Camera(Optional) 1. Detector: The fifth generation of VOx uncooled detector
2. Spectral range: 8μm ~ 12μm
3. Resolution: 640 × 512
4. Lens focal length: 25 ~ 75mm, 8X electronic zoom, optical-electronic fusion relay zoom
5. Sensitivity: NETD is better than 40mk;
6. Focus control: electric zoom, manual / auto focus
7. Strong light protection: anti-sun burn function
8. Ranging ruler: adaptive optical zoom proportional zoom
9. Life index: recording function (cumulative working time, shutter times, limit temperature, environment 
10. temperature, core device temperature), can be viewed in real time through the web
 Laser Ranging
1. Wavelength: 1570nm
2. Measuring range: 100 ~ 5000m
3. Ranging accuracy: ± 3m
4. Repetition frequency: 0.2Hz
5. Control: RS422
Laser lighting
1. Wavelength: 808nm
2. Power: 5W
3. Laser lens: 2 ° -30 °
4. Angle control: DSS digital step lighting angle control technology
Recommended configuration of monitoring workstation
Host configuration
(Recommended only, provided by user)
CPU: 6 cores (i7 8700 and above)
Memory: 16GB or more
Hard Disk: 1TB SATA
Display: resolution 1920 * 1080
Network: LAN or 100M Ethernet
System: Windows 7 or Windows 10
Database: MySQL 5.1 and above
Other: Windows SDK, MFC bottom support library
Power supply; keyboard, mouse, etc.
 DF3000 monitoring and control software
1. Functional modules: video preview, video playback, device PTZ control, device management, user management, intelligent
analysis alarm, automatic tracking control, GIS map, information management, and expandable support for radar photoelectric
2. Intelligent function: support intelligent analysis and alarm functions such as regional intrusion, entering area, leaving area,
automatic tracking, etc., can be expanded to support radar linkage, binocular panoramic stitching at any angle, 3D zoom
3. User management: multi-level users, department and role management, support 999 front-ends / departments.
4. GIS map: support the functions of distance measurement and area measurement, video suspension display control, support custom
plotting, support the general function of map electronic map dragging, zoom in or zoom out of the mouse scroll level, support
display of eagle eye map, scale.
5. Support Chinese and English, support skin change, support custom menu bar, expandable support control key operation.
6. It can be connected to mainstream ball machine guns of mainstream manufacturers such as Haikang, Dahua and Yushi.
Other instructions Such as: equipment cabinets, operation consoles, network switches, UPS backup power supply, power plug board, equipment installation platform construction, power supply facilities, etc. provided by the user.
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Factory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor CameraFactory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor CameraFactory Price Ship Mounted Multi-Sensor Camera


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