Fast Wireless Phone Charger

Get the latest fast wireless phone charger from our factory. Enjoy quick and efficient charging for your phone with our high-quality product.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000 Pieces Per Month

Product Description

Model LGT-WS1
Color black
Panel size  75MM
Cutting size 60mm
Connector Wireless charging 

Iphone fast charging
Intelligent output 5V 1.5A

Samsung mobile phone fast charging
Intelligent output 9V 1.1A

5W universal charging
Intelligent output 5V 1 A

Compatible with Qi certified mobile phones
Qc2.0 / 3.0 adapter is required for fast charging

Impurity  detection
Automatic identification of metal foreign matters
Support FOD foreign body detection function, and automatically cut off the power when detecting metal foreign body
Mobile phone charging is only recognized

Wide angle adjustment
75 ° wide angle adjustable
High efficiency damping, can withstand thousands of angle adjustment
Fixed angle, standing still

Adjustable coil
The coil can be adjusted up and down
Adjust the coil to match the receiving coil position of different mobile phone models

45mm length adjustable
Meet 99% of mobile phones on the market

Fully compatible, vertical and horizontal
Vertically, horizontally, obliquely, horizontally

Panel processing: high-grade hard aviation aluminum panel, through oxidation, wire drawing, colouring and other processing, all show the socket of high-end, luxury.

Product main structure design.

Pop-up desktop socket adopts pneumatic auxiliary mechanism design with trunk lock machines.

Method of use:

When using just light socket at the top of the panel, release mechanism trunk lock, the socket panel open by pneumatic rod device. Hidden socket of the two power supply, two data USB function modules according to 45 DHS. After using, light to close the trunk lock, press the socket panel on the front panel of each function module interfaces with hidden, closing the socket after maintain flush with the desktop.

Product features:
1,products using pneumatic draw stem and machinery trunk lock mechanism design, durable;
2, the function module on the surface, the module interface DHS show 45, convenient connection;


3.  the function module interface can exchange or production according to the requirement, function choose diversification;

4. wiring products, each product with a 1.5 M long cable, a female, extension cord on the other side for the head, so can quickly with each function source socket connection;
5, with bottom box adopts mother for mother and docking, interface of fixed or half empty box, leakage, is mother to mother corresponding line is still convenient plug.
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Fast Wireless Phone Charger

Fast Wireless Phone Charger Fast Wireless Phone Charger

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