Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

Introducing our Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking. As a factory, we offer cutting-edge technology to safeguard your airspace.
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Product Description

Product Description


                                                Why we need Drone Detection System?

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking
Along with the great development of UAV industry, our society benefits a lot from this new technology.

While, another side of this coin, we are also facing more and more danger and risk caused from UAVs. In recent years, there were plenty evidence that we saw how illegal UAV intrude airport and seriously interfere airplane takeoff and landing.

What are worse, similar incidents emerge in endlessly. In some important area and significant activity site, hostile UAVs are used for intelligence gathering, smuggling, privacy camera and even weaponized platform.

What is more, if the drone was crashed, person on the ground would be probably in danger. From the year 2015 till now, multiterm UAV control policy was made and published by different government to set up clear UAV NO-FLY-ZONE, the administrative supervision is getting improved.
However, the NFZ is always easily break by drone operator and difficult to arrest them.

There are still lots of incidents that illegal UAVs intrude low altitude of some key area.
Thus, to, we still need to thoroughly solve black UAV problem form Anti drone technical level.

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

To meet this emerging challenge, we have developed our Anti-UAV Defense System which integrated multiple technologies such as phased array 3D radar, RF scanner, EO tracking, and suppression jamming.

This system is multi-function including but not limited to early warning by long range detection, platform monitoring and commanding, automatic control and disposes and tracking & recording etc.

By quickly detecting & warning, tracking and jamming UAVs in complicated environment all time all weather , this system solution effectively solve your safety problem from UAV intrusion.
Our systems have been extensively and successfully tested against a variety of different drones and scenarios, including simultaneous multiple drone penetrations or attacks.


                                           Anti Drone System Description

A completed fixed installation type AUDS is consists of detection subsystem, jamming subsystem,
command control subsystem and communication subsystem. According to different application
environment, customer can select different detection unit and jammer device for flexible configuration to meet different requirement. It is long term effective for low altitude protect.   

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Trackingion from UAV intrusion.

    The Advantage of RF Scanner for Drone Detection

The design idea of the Anti- UAV Defense system is to effectively detect and counter the UAV target, to ensure that the protection

zone is protected from the threat of black flying drones.

Detection Unit



Radar detection

high accurancy and detection range

high power which influence human health , 
blind zone of 200m-500m, high cost.

Optical detection
(Visible, infrared, 
ultraviolet imaging 

visual display of target , strong anti-electromagnetic 
interference ability, good low altitude detection performance, 
strong target recognition ability. 

could be auxiliary detection device to perform target tracking, 
shooting and forensics tasks


can be affected harsh environments such as 
backlight, fog, and rain,  The efficiency is very
 low and it easily leads to the occurrence of a 
missed alarm 
 as a single detection device.

RF scanner

High detection accuracy, good environmental adaptability, 
long detection 
distance, no electromagnetic radiation

if UAV do not use Picture transmission/remote 
control radio signal, it can not be detected.

Acoustic detection 

No electromagnetic radiation, easy installation

performance can be inteferenced by environmental
and limited detection range
 (usually within 200m)

  Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

                                                 System Introduction

Portable type AUDS is consists of RF Scanner, EO tracker, jammer. RF scanner is used for real time detection and warning, EO tracker is used for real time target tracking and photo shooting, jammer device is used for jamming and neutralize UAVs.

According to different application environment, portable type AUDS can be consisted of only RF scanner and portable drone jammer.

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

                                                    System Features

[ Detection and jamming integration ]
Detection and jamming integration High integration, multi-function: detection, jamming, evidence obtaining

[ Passive detection ] Frequency spectrum detector is used as the detection unit, no electromagnetic wave transmitting, environment friendly, green and safety.

[ Light weight and portable ] Quick and easy for deployment by tripod, easy to operate and convenient to retreat, ideal for temporary important low altitude protection mission

[ Flexible configuration ] According to different mission requirement, portable type system can be configured with different jammer equipment (portable drone gun or PTZ jammer).


Product Parameters

Detection range


Detecting frequency range


Detection antenna frequency


Detection direction

All direction 360

Detection accuracy


Deployment/retreat time


Communication port


Power supply




Device dimension


Working temperature


Protection class


Real Site Reference

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and TrackingPortable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

Company Profile

Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking
Portable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and TrackingPortable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and TrackingPortable Type RF Scanner for Drone Detection and Tracking

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